DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Are you looking for the best DIY Halloween costume inspiration? Read along and discover the easiest and most astonishing ways to create the perfect Halloween costumes for kids!

Planning for a fun Halloween night for the whole family doesn’t necessarily mean having to spend a lot of money in costumes and decorations. Even though some costumes are becoming more and more affordable, it’s always better to make one oneself, not only because the cost will always be lower but because the result will be all worth it.

We’ve short-listed some great ideas for you to make your own Halloween costume. Ready for lots of tips and ideas for the best homemade Halloween costumes for children?

DIY Dragon costume for kids

This simple and fun costume has an added advantage: it can warm up your child! In order to turn your kid into the most magical dragon, you will need the following material: felt fabric, thread and a needle. We recommend you combine different colours, e.g. your child’s favourite colours, so the scales of the dragon can stand out in a different colour than that of the main fabric.

Cut the cloak in the size needed for your child and sew in the scales vertically all along the cloak. To make the tail, cut a long-shaped triangle as seen in the image. Finally, sew in some scales at the very end of the tale.

An even easier version of this dragon costume for kids is to use a long black jumper and sew in the scales. A winner either way!

DIY Jack Skellington costume

Who doesn’t remember Jack from Nightmare before Christmas? He’s such a classic! Kids will love dressing up as Jack Skellington and scare everyone around! All you’ll need is: a black shirt, black pants, white marker to draw the lines.

DIY Jellyfish costume

This fun jellyfish costume for kids will not go unnoticed! This is how your little one will look with some old white clothes, an umbrella and some led lights! Careful not to touch anyone!

Jellyfish costume

DIY Maleficient costume

Your little girl is bound to love this costume, Maleficient is one of the trendiest Halloween costumes out there right now! Horns are the most important detail of this costume, which can be made using dixie cups and wire. Click here to explore our DIY Halloween Costume Ideas Pinterest board and discover the exact tutorial for these horns! A black dress or black ballet skirt will do for the outfit. For the cane you can use a branch and paint it black. Dare to be Maleficient!


DIY Baby Spider Costume

This is one of the fastest DIY costumes out there. Dress your baby in black and then simply attach three pairs of men’s black socks to its back with some Velcro-ribbon ties. The socks need to be filled with cotton or yarn, making sure the heel is properly bended. Those will be the cute spider legs of your spider baby!

DIY Cookie Monster costume

We’re head over heels for tutu here at Stikets Family. If you’re just as into it as we are, you will love this Cookie Monster costume for your little one. All you will need is a blue ballet skirt, some felt fabric and a bit of sewing!

Cookie Monster costume
Source: Pinterest

DIY Witch costume

The witch costume is always a favourite! All you’ll need is a black hat, and some black tulle fabric to add on top of a black skirt! Make sure you cut the sleeves to make it all the more scary!

DIY Witch costume
Source: Pinterest

We hope you’ve found lots of inspiration for a homemade Halloween costume for your children! We would love to see the results, so don’t hesitate to tag us on your social media posts! Happy Halloween!

How To Label Everything For School Residential Trips

Is your child about to go on a residential trip and you don’t even know where to get started?


Organisation is key! Go through the required equipment list your school will almost certainly have issued and read it carefully. Think if there’s something extra your child might need and write it down. Once you have identified everything you’ll need to pack… make sure to label it all!

It’s amazing the amount of clothes, shoes and accessories that end up in the lost property box during residential trips and never make it back home. In the chaos and fun, children tend to mislay things and they end up where they shouldn’t more often than not. Don’t risk losing your child’s belongings and label each item with the appropriate label.

Here’s a little list for you to know how to label everything for school residential trips!

Iron-on labels: The best solution for permanently labelling all of your child’s clothes. Stikets iron-on labels are extra resistant, they are washer and drier safe and will last forever.

Iron On Clothing Labels

Stick-on labels for clothes: This is the fastest and most convenient way to label your children’s clothes. Stikets stick-on labels must be applied on the clothing care tags, and they last for several washes. They are the best solution for clothes that don’t need to labelled permanently.

Stick-On Clothing Labels

Shoe labels: Label your child’s shoes in an easy way with Stikets shoe labels, by simply sticking them on the shoe’s inner sole.

Check out our “Which Clothing Label is Best For Me?” guide for a detailed explanation of our clothing labels.

Another fantastic option to label clothes is using a Stikets name stamp. It doesn’t get more convenient than this! The ink lasts for up to 60 washes. And get this, you can stamp on paper as well!

Name stickers for objects: Our custom sticky labels come in different sizes and shapes, so you can label absolutely anything. Our Mini Name Stickers (30x7mm) are the best option for stationery and other really small items. For slightly bigger objects, you may choose Stikets Small Name Stickers (50x7mm) or our Medium Name Stickers (50x20mm). Large name stickers come in round or square shape, with the option of being 100% personalised with a picture.

Residential Trip Packing

Our sticky name labels are dishwasher and microwave resistant, meaning they will basically withstand anything. Use them to label sleeping bags, torches, daysacks, refillable water bottles and toiletries!

Rucksacks and bags need to be properly labelled as well, make sure all your luggage is properly identified with Stikets luggage labels and bag tags.

Putting an ID bracelet on your child is also a good idea. Personalise it with your contact details so you can be reached in case your child gets lost. Stikets ID bracelets for kids are made of fabric and are extremely resistant.

ID Bracelets for Kids

Above all, keeping calm is a must. Children pick up on their parents’ anxiety very quickly, and you don’t want them to mirror that! Stay organised and everything will turn out just fine.

Easter cupcakes recipe

What is it with Easter and baking? There’s just too many things one can bake with cute little rabbits and lovely easter eggs. Today we want to share these Easter cupcakes with you so you can surprise your little ones with the cutest Easter treat!

Step 1. We start modeling the bunny and the carrots. We need white, pink, green and orange fondant

Step 2. For the bunny we use white: let’s make a bigger ball, two medium-sized ones and a small one for the tail. And two small pink balls for carrots, many orange balls and many green ones, a little smaller.

Step 3. Squeeze the larger ball slightly and make it slightly oval, then cut half to form the bottom of the rabbit. With the two balls we form the legs in the shape of a drop and with a knife we ​​cut the fingers. With the rose we form a small elongated ball and then three very small rounds to make the impressions of our leg. The small ball will be the tail.

For the carrot, we take the orange ball and roll it in the palm of the hand, crushing one end to form a small cone. With the green we make a small flat strip with a roller and cut it with a small knife creating small stripes.

Step 4. With a little water stick your legs and tail to the bottom. Let’s make a hole in the orange cylinder and roll our green fringe over itself, closing the lower end. Stick the bangs into the hole in the carrot with a little water.

Step 5. Here is our bunny rabbit ready to dive into the enamel. With a knife we ​​cut the carrots to make them more real.

Now we bake gluten-free carrot muffins

Ingredients: 4 eggs; 200 g of sugar; 170 ml of corn oil; 140gr of rice flour; Potato flour 80gr; 60 gr of cornstarch, 1 teaspoon of baking soda; 1 teaspoon baking powder; grated rind of half organic lemon; 300gr of grated carrots; 1 pinch of salt.

Step 1. Beat the eggs with the sugar and oil.

Step 2. Sift flour, salt, baking powder and baking soda.

Step 3. Add the flour a little at a time, continuing to assemble.

Step 4. Finally add the carrots and the lemon zest.

Step 5 Fill the cups 2/3 with the dough and bake at 180 ° for 30 minutes.

Step 6. Start and let cool in a rack.

Step 7 For the glaze, add 400 grams of icing sugar for a long time with 200g of soft butter + a few drops of green dye, until you get a smooth cream.

Step 8. With the bag a poche we decorate the top part of the cupcake creating the effect of the grass.

We sank the bunny in the frosting and the carrots around.

Here are our Easter cupcakes ready to eat!

For another decorating idea we decorate with chocolate glaze and Easter eggs to create a sweet nest.

We wish you a very Happy Easter!

Collaboration: Il Dolce di Dede

How to ease your child’s transition to nursery

Is your child starting nursery soon? Transitioning to nursery can be complicated for children who have stayed home with mum or dad up until then. Keep reading to find out how to help your child cope with separation anxiety.

1. Visit the nursery with your child before nursery actually starts

Paying a visit to the nursery grounds with your little one and spending some time getting familiar with the classroom and the playground will help your child feel more at ease on his first day. He will remember he spent some time with mum getting familiar with his new space.

When you walk together, point out the nurseries and schools you come across. You will be surprised how interested your child will be in all those kids playing in the playground together. He will probably ask you to take him inside!

These kind of moments are recorded in the subconscious of the baby, who wants to be part of all the fun that is before your eyes. It is a good time to explain that when he is a little older he will also have friends at the daycare center and they will play all day long. You can read some stories to go to the nursery, which will allow you to identify with the characters and their feelings.

Step 2. The first day at nursery.

A key day to do well and know how to help a child adapt to nursery is the time to say goodbye. When you leave and walk out the door, say goodbye with a smile. Don’t just leave when your child isn’t looking. Say goodbye and remind your little one you’ll soon be back to pick him up. Smile, give him a kiss and go. Farewells are less complicated for both parties if they are short.

Step 3. The first week.

This first week at nursery calls for positive reinforcement. Emphasise all those new and exciting things your little one has done. Speak with the caregivers to know the songs your child has been listening to, and the activities in which they have participated. You can repeat them at home. Your little one will be very proud to show you his progress and that will make him confident and eager to learn more.

Step 4. Stepping into nursery routine.

Now that you’ve mastered the transition period, it’s time to establish a routine for the weeks to come. The adaptation process is far from over. Good habits take time, and you should be consistent so these new routines come naturally to both of you. Try having a clear routine in the evenings, such as bath time, dinner and going to bed, always at the same time. Morning routine is yet the most important one. Make sure your little one knows where he’s headed, and wake him up early enough so mornings are stress-free and with plenty of time to get ready and have a good breakfast. You’ve got this!

How to cope with the first day at nursery

After being 24/7 with your child from the second they were born, it seems impossible to think that you two will very soon be spending several hours a day apart. The truth is since he was born, he’s in constant evolution to becoming the independent person he will once be. If you can’t stop worrying about the first day at childcare and how to tackle it, keep reading.

First of all, try to calm yourself down thinking that your baby is probably not worried at all. He doesn’t know what’s going on, but he can feel you’re stressing over something, and all that anxiousness is somehow passed on to him, and that’s not what you want for your baby, is it? Learn how to stop having anxious thoughts about your baby’s first day at childcare so that he, too, can enjoy the experience.

Name labels for nursery

Tips for a smooth transition to childcare

Now that the date in which your little one will start attending childcare is set, it’s time to enjoy your baby as much as possible. So enjoy these last few weeks as much as you can, not by planning hundreds of activities with him outside the house, but by enjoying the little things and spending high quality time together, with no distractions (say bye to your phone for some days!), and focusing on bonding with your child.

It is important that you don’t stress over the fact that your child is starting nursery soon, not only because he will feel your emotions, but for yourself. When the time comes, there are some tips that will allow you transition to this new stage smoothly. They are the following:

  1. Set your alarm early enough so you don’t need to rush on that very important first day.
  2. Make sure your little one experiences this day as a stress-free one from the very beginning. Before leaving home, be clear that your goal for the day is to make it as smooth as possible, starting by providing a relaxing environment for your child in the morning.
  3. Avoid drama. If you start the day by thinking how hard it will be to part ways and saying bye to him when you see his sad face, you won’t be able to make it to nursery. Try using that energy to turn it into something positive, thinking of how much fun your child will be having at childcare before you know it.
  4. Once you enter the nursery, try to make everything as fast and effectively as possible. Your goal is to leave without your child noticing you’re sad or worried, so no tears allowed! He needs to see a happy, smiling, confident mum, that reassures him everything will be fine and she will be back for him soon. Remember this is new for the both of you, but you’re the adult, so he’s watching you to see how to cope with it all.
  5. Once outside the building, you’re free to take a moment for yourself and cry for a while if you need to. Call a friend, your mum, or anyone you can think of if that will help you cheer up. It’s a good moment for a chocolate bar, too!

Don’t forget to bring everything to nursery properly labelled. This is required in every childcare centre, and teachers will expect all your little one’s belongings to have his name on them. At Stikets you have everything you need, clothing labels from only £9.95 or label value packs that include labels for clothes, objects, shoes and bags from only £17.95.

This is just one of the many challenges you’ll come across when parenting. Now that you’ve mastered this new exciting stage, you can focus on thinking you will soon be picking your little one up from nursery and enjoy the rest of the day together. What plans do you have in mind?

Easy Christmas table centerpieces

Time does fly and the year has almost come to an end. You’re probably already decorating for Christmas or you will be doing so in no time. With your home all set up for the festive season, there’s one thing to get ready for the ultimate wow-effect! With all the family gatherings coming up, your table will most certainly be one of the busiest areas on these dates, which is why we’ve rounded up a list of DIY Christmas centerpieces ready in less than ten minutes. While some Christmas centerpieces may be expensive, these DIY crafts are not only suitable for those on a budget, but are easy and fun to do, too!

Ready to step into the magic world of lovely Christmas centerpieces ready in less than 10 minutes? You’d be surprised how much a simple Christmas centerpiece can cosy up your home for Christmas.

Easy DIY Christmas centerpieces you’ll love

Let your guests feel special with these holiday centerpieces.

Christmas floral arrangements

One of the easiest holiday centerpieces you can make is a floral one. All you need is a transparent vase, or any other jar you think will match your holiday decor, a bit of water, and flowers of your choice. Add some assorted greens and you’re ready to go!


Quick and easy Mason Jar centerpiece

With some glue and some coarse salt, you’ll have your centerpiece ready in no time. Simply mix the glue with water and paint the jars with it. Then just roll them on some coarse salt for the ultimate festive look! You may add some assorted Christmas greens as in the picture below.

Decorate your glasses this Christmas

Use some old wine glasses to create your Christmas table centerpieces. Turn them upside down and fill them with Christmas ornaments. Add candles on top for the merriest look.

Creative Christmas decorating with fruit

These Christmas table setting is one to be remembered. With some winter fruit like pomegranate scattered along the table on top of some winter leaves, such as cedar, fir or pine, the table will be all set for your guests to feel special. Add some candles at your discretion.

Source: Julieblanner.con

Frame centerpiece

If you have an old picture frame sitting at home, a great way to bring it back to life is to use it as a Christmas centerpiece. By adding some hooks on one of the sides, you will be able to hang ornaments on it. Play with the lenght of the string so that your ornaments hang from different height.

A wooden box for a vintage style

Use a small, long, wooden box to fill it with assorted greens and Christmas ornaments. One of the easiest holiday centerpieces you’ll find!

Make your table smell like Christmas

Nothing shouts Christmas like the smell of cinnammon and the warmth of candles. The combination of the two will make for a cosy and unforgettable Christmas table centerpiece. Simply wrap some cinnammon sticks around white candles and place them on little saucers.

A table setting with Christmas figurines

If you’re looking for a Christmas table centerpiece kids will love, this is it. Combine their favourite Christmas figurines with some pinecones, winter greens and wooden logs on a round tray.

Now that you’ve gone through our suggestions, it’s time to choose your favorite Christmas centerpiece. Small details make a big difference. Merry Christmas!

Pictures from Pinterest.

Get ahead of Black Friday and grab the best deals!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and Black Friday deals are the best way to get ready for all those Christmas gifts! We’ve rounded up a list of the best Stikets products to gift. Go ahead with Christmas shopping this Black Friday and enjoy 20% off sitewide with code FRIDAY20.

Stikets’ Black Friday deals not to be missed:

Get advantage of the Black Days to get your Christmas gifts ready. Label everything so that nothing gets lost!

Design your Twinie®

Iron-on labels

Introducing our new product: Stikets’ Twinies®. Create your little ones’ mini me, choosing from several hair, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose and accessories options. A 100% personalised product and the ultimate solution to label the clothes and objects of your child. You can also personalise a friend to gift as a surprise this Christmas.
Forget about dull black and white name labels. Personalise your labels not only with your child’s first and last name, but also with their own avatar. What do you think about having your own mini you on your clothes?

Hang your coats hassle-free

Hanging Loops

Black Friday is the best opportunity to get the best discounts out there, so grab this chance to buy your hanging loops, an essential to hang bulky clothes like coats and jackets on pegs. Hang and label your coats two-in-one!

Stikets hanging loops are available in no-sew or sew-on options! No-sew hanging loops are ready in just 2 clicks! Choose the one that suits you best.

Don’t lose your luggage in the upcoming Bank Holidays

Family Travel Pack

Are you travelling on Christmas? Avoid losing your suitcase with Stikets’ Family Travel Pack. This pack includes round and rectangular bag labels that are easily applied to your backpack or suitcase.
It also contains large and small luggage tags., which come with Stikets’ SOS service. This new way to identify your suitcase has a QR code that facilitates the location of your luggage. If your luggage happens to go missing, the person or flight company that finds your suitcase will contact Stikets, and the company will act as an intermediary, arranging a courier to pick up your luggage and send it back to you.
Losing your luggage is no longer an option. Use code FRIDAY20 and label all your bags properly. You can also buy the products included in this pack separately, such as the bag tags.

This Black Friday decorate your Christmas with Stikets

Paying attention to details is key! At Stikets you will find the nicest little details to label your gifts and decorate your home for the merriest look!

I want a personalised advent calendar

At Stikets you will find several advent calendars: a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, a magic train, or our newest creation: our personalised ornaments advent calendar. Count down to Christmas in this fun and educational way, simply stick the calendars on the wall or the window!

Personalised advent calendar

Christmas decor details for your home or to gift

Save on the decoration of your home with code FRIDAY20 and get Stikets’ Christmas stickers at a bargain! Perfect to decorate the kids room or their playroom by sticking them on the wall or the windows.

Christmas stickers

You can also decorate your windows with Stikets’ cosy winter window decals. These stickers are made of a translucent vinyl, so that both the people who see your window and you can see the Christmas decals.
If you want to personalise your Christmas gifts, Stikets’ personalised round Christmas stickers are exactly what you need. You can personalise them with a name or a message and choose the pattern you prefer.

Christmas gift labels

Personalise your walls with Stikets’ photo stickers

This Black Friday buy or gift the most special memories. Give your home some warmth with photo stickers from your latest family photoshoot, or remember the fun of summer holidays.

Photo stickers

Stikets photo stickers will allow you to stick them and reposition them on flat surfaces without the need to drill on the wall. It’s the best solution for a mess-free decor. Use them on your fridge or laptop as well!

Hurry and get your favourite Stikets products at the best price now!


The importance of extra-curricular activities

Sometimes making your child interested in extracurricular activities can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Complementary activities help your little one grow in a holistic way.

After school classes will help your child stay active, practice their social skills and learn something new. And most importantly, it will improve your academic performance.

Choosing the right extracurricular activity for your child can be challenging, specially when they don’t show any particular preference. Sometimes we just take it too seriously, because we think of how this extracurricular will help boost our child’s talent, instead of seeing only as an enjoyment for your child.

The one most important thing to take into account when choosing an extracurricular activity, is choosing one in which your child feels comfortable. Remember it will be an activity he will attend after school, so it’s important that he feels at ease and enjoys that time, not only learning, but also sharing hours with new friends and teachers.

Some children have clear preferences and know exactly what they like. Children with clear interest in some sports like basketball or football, fall into this category. Others are passionate about music and are excited to start playing an instrument such as drums, guitar or piano. This makes it easier for parents to choose what activity their children will pursue, making it a safer bet as the child’s motivation comes from within.

One of the advantages of extracurricular activities is that it creates commitment in your little one. Extracurricular activities help focus on the interests of children and strengthen trust.

Structured time. Sociologically we all work better having a path to follow, with goals and objectives to achieve. This helps interacting with other people.

Extracurricular activities that will help develop your child’s skills

At school, your child acquires various social skills, such as knowing how to work in a group. But do you know what some of the extracurricular activities your child could do to improve their skills? Here we detail some:

Artistic activities. Classes where your child will develop their creativity, such as painting, dance …
Sport activitiesIn this type of complementary activities, your child will learn to be constant and patient, two very important values in our everyday life. To practice some sport activity develops and increases the educational commitment.
Formal activities. How could it be to learn a new language? It will help your child learn to communicate with other people, learn about other cultures and other customs.

Help them be more responsible

Extracurricular activities are also a good way to help your children grow up and learn to be responsible for their time and activities beyond the school setting. That is why it is very important that all your material for extracurriculars is correctly marked and organised.

At Stikets you have all kinds of personalised labels for each type of activity. The website is designed so that children can design their own labels so that they can then prepare and mark the material they will need. In this way, they will not confuse you with their classmates and they will be responsible for their things.

There’s a Stikets product for every need! Take a look at our different products:

Basic Pack: Ideal if you are looking for a versatile product to save and mark the school and extracurricular material. With the Basic Pack you have a total of 142 customizable labels for clothes and objects. Never lose a thing again!

Basic Pack

Clothing labels: Essential to differentiate equipment or uniforms. The thermo-adhesive labels are perfect to keep track of your clothes. They are applied to the garment with the heat contact of the iron in less than 30 seconds.

Iron-on labels

Hanging Loops: Perfect for differentiating and hanging jackets from uniforms or uniforms. In Stikets we have personalized tapes with closure and sewing tapes. Whatever your choice, ribbons are the ideal solution to hang your winter clothes on any hanger.

Hanging Loops

Shoe labels: For sports activities. In order for your child’s shoes to return home, do not forget to mark it. Shoe tags are placed on the inside of the shoe by pressing firmly. Do not worry about sweat or rubbing because shoe labels can stand that and much more. In addition, we have new semicircular designs that form very cool drawings, like the one you can see in the image.

Shoe labels

Stickers for objects: they come in different sizes. Ideal for stationery but also sports gear, including swimming accessories as they are waterproof. The adhesive labels are multi-purpose stickers that allow you to have everything organised. They are made of a high strength vinyl material that is dishwasher and microwave resistant.


And so far today’s post, we hope you liked as much as us getting to discover the importance of extracurricular activities and the importance of labeling everything.

New No-Sew Hanging Loops For Your Children’s Coats!

Hanging coats and jackets on pegs can be tricky, and some schools require an extra loop so that children are able to hang their coats hassle-free. Now Stikets offers you the all-in-one solution to labelling and hanging, no-sew! Find out how Stikets hanging loops work and how to apply them in 2 easy clicks in this video:

Personalise hanging loops

Stikets hanging loops will make it easy for your little ones to hang their coats and jackets by themselves, making it possible to hang more than one item in one peg. These hanging loops are extremely convenient, they come with a permanent closure that is attached in 2 simple clicks.

Thanks to their 2 lines of text, you can personalise your hanging loops with your child’s name and your mobile phone number, so that nothing gets lost! Choose among several background patterns and colours! Choose your favourite font for your text for a 100% personalisation.

Stikets hanging loops are made of highly resistant fabric, washing machine and drier proof. They are perfect to be used on coats that come with a small loop hole. If the coat doesn’t come with this, you can choose Stikets sew-on hanging loops. Hanging and labelling your coats has never been easier!


Ahoy! It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ahoy, Matey! It’s September 19th, which means pirate lads and lasses are everywhere celebrating International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Are you ready to Walk the Plank? 😉

Talk Like a Pirate day

Besides speaking like a pirate, today is a great day to spend some time with the kids doing some pirate-related DIY activities!

Check-out our Pinterest for some awesome pirate craft ideas, this be all ye wil’ need fer a gran’ Pirate Day!

Pirate activities go well beyond DIY crafts, they include pirate costumes, pirate themed lunch ideas, and pirate songs, o’ course!

Pirate themed lunch ideas

Shiver me timbers, aren’t these the cutest pirates?

Cute pirates

Stikets pirate icon is always a best-seller, personalise your labels with the boy pirate or the girl pirate and pirate your way all year-round, matey!

Iron-on labelsPersonalise your iron-on labels here:

For the ultimate pirate personalisation, get yourself some of our pirate embroidered patches, perfect to cover holes, decorate or simply to let your hearties know you truly are one old salt!

Pirate patches