10 End-Of-Year Gift Ideas For Teachers

With summer holidays around the corner, it’s that time of the year to start thinking about a way to show your appreciation to your children’s teachers. End-of-term gift buying can be a tricky subject; how much is too much after all? Research on the subject shows teachers may not feel comfortable getting big, expensive presents bought by parents, but they tend to truly value heartfelt presents made by their students. We’ve put together a list of simple thank you gifts that are bound to be loved both by teachers and grateful students alike:

End-of-term Gifts Teachers will Love:

1. Personalised labels pack

Even if not handmade, this personalised gift will surely be really handy for the teacher to be able to label of of his/her belongings!

Stickers Pack

It’s Stikets Stickers Pack, a bundle of personalised stickers of different sizes so the teacher doesn’t need to mark his/her stuff with marker anymore!

Plus, Stikets Stickers Pack includes 2 bag tags with the new Stikets SOS service. Each tag comes with a QR code so that the bag can be located if it ever gets lost.

Stikets luggage tags

2. Handmade Flower Pot

Recycle a can and turn it into a flower pot simply by painting the can with white paint and wrapping it with a beautiful fabric. You can personalise it with the teacher’s name, too!

Lata para macetas reciclada con tela

3. Handmade Pen Pot

Recycle a can and wrap it with EVA foam. You can then personalise it with both your teacher’s name and your child’s name.

Lata reciclada con goma eva

4. Handmade Decoupage Pen Pot

Recycle a can and wrap it with decoupage paper for the loveliest vintage style.

Latas recicladas con decoupage

5. Handmade Pen Pot for the Math’s Teacher

Print out some of the formulas you’ve learnt this year at Math’s class. Then wrap a can with it and you’re ready to go!

Latas recicladas decoupage. Regalos para profes

6. EVA foam personalised brooch

Get inspired and try reproducing the face of your child’s teacher with EVA foam, then attach a brooch to it and him or her be delighted with your little creation!

Broche de goma eva. Regalos para profes

7. EVA foam keyrings

Same logic as with the brooch applies to these lovely personalised keyrings!

broches-y llaveros goma eva. Regalos para profes

8. EVA foam picture frame

Print a class picture and frame it with a handmade EVA foam frame, a lovely present to remember all the children’s the teacher has taught that year!


Marco de fotos goma eva. Regalos para profes

9. Scrapbooking notebook

libreta-scrapbooking. Regalos para profesores

10. Post-it support

The perfect support for the teacher’s post-its.

Soporte para pos-it. Regalos originales para profes

Hopefully you enjoyed these end-of-year gift ideas for teachers. No matter what you end up going for, remember the best present is always a sincere thank you and a hug!

Gardening, A Perfect Family Bonding Activity

Gardening is one of those activities your children will love. They get to get messy, they spend time with their parents, and they see the result of their hard work. Besides, for parents who struggle to find ways to encourage their children to have a healthy and balanced diet, gardening can be a way to help children become aware. While it’s true that the efforts may take time to bear fruit, do not give up. It’s all worth it.

Gardening does not require having a large garden in your house. The only thing you’ll need is the desire to spend time with your child and be ready to learn something new. The easiest way to go is to opt for small vertical garden that you can DIY with the help of a pallet. Alternatively, you could choose to buy supports for plants to hang on your balcony.

family gardening
Source: Pinterest

Grow some herbs like basil, thyme or even veggies such as cherry tomatoes, zucchini or radishes that are easy to grow and do not require much work. When the plants have grown, you will see the investment of your time rewarded. Not only in the fruits, but in how it will have influenced the way your children think.

Did you know that gardening has a positive effect on your child’s brain?

It is scientifically proven that children who participate in gardening projects get better grades than children who do not have this activity. We could say that doing this project with your little one awakens that little philosopher he has inside.

For example, the following questions can be asked: Why do plants need sun? How does the plant drink water? or Why are worms good for plants? This way the child will be more interested in the ecosystem and its life cycle.

gardening with kids

In addition to awakening your child’s curiosity in nature and in healthy foods you can introduce a little math, for example, in the creation of your support in case you do it with pallets, distributing the right amount of plants. Another way is to measure how much the plants grow from one week to another or if you have chosen to plant flowers, you can count the flowers in each plant.

You could also use a gardening book for support, or you could create a journal in which your little one has his notes about the plants.

Connect with your child

Gardening is a perfect family bonding activity. It’s a way to spend time together meaningfully, developing patience among other skills.

connecting with your child

Carrying out this activity will help you connect with your child and make him / her aware of the sense of responsibility. The concepts learned such as composting or the use of accumulated rainwater will teach the child to feel respect and responsibility for caring for the planet.

Give gardening a go and connect with your little one in a fun way!

Which Clothing Label is Best For Me?

Stikets has so many clothing labels to choose from, it can be hard deciding which one works best for your family. We’ve put together a list of pros and cons to help you decide which label suits your needs best!

Etiquetas de ropa de hierro

Iron-On Labels         

Stikets thermally-adhesive labels are very durable and easy to apply to all your clothing. Once properly ironed, they are extremely resistant to the washer and dryer, lasting for years. These would be the perfect option for items that need to be washed often, such as underwear, t-shirts or pants.

Mini Iron-On Labels

Stikets’ tiniest labels are just 24x12mm, ideal for tiny items such as underwear or socks.

Small Iron-On Labels

Stikets’ small labels are 50x12mm, ideal for onesies, t-shirts or pants.

Medium Iron-On Labels

Stikets’ medium labels are 50x20mm, ideal for jumpers and jackets.

Large Iron-On Labels

Stikets’ large labels are 50x20mm, ideal for accessories such as drawstring bags or bibs.

Medium Iron-On Photo Name Labels

Stikets’ medium labels are 50x20mm, and come with a picture, ideal for jumpers and jackets.

Large Iron-On Photo Name Labels

Stikets’ medium labels are 50x20mm, and come with a picture, ideal for drawstring bags or bibs.

Stick-On Labels

Stikets stick-on labels are the fastest solution to marking your children’s clothes. They offer a less permanent clothes labelling solution but are extremely fast to use. Stick-On labels are ideal for garments that should be labeled on a temporary basis, such as for kid’s camp, or clothes that will soon become hand-me-downs. Simply stick them to the care label of your garment, and they’ll last for over 25 washes of up to 40 degrees.

Etiquetas de ropa adhesiva


We also have labels specially developed for shoes, that come with a clear sticker to protect the label from wear. Shoe Labels are in the shape of feet to help children learn left and right.

Etiquetas de calzado para niños


Hanging Loops

No-Sew Hanging Loops

Stikets Hanging Loops with closure are the all-in-one solution for hanging and marking. These clip-on labels can be applied in a second, and can only be removed by cutting them, providing a permanent closure. They are ideal for items that are hanged on pegs, such as jackets or coats. These can only be applied to clothes that have a small locker loop that serves as support for Stikets No-Sew Hanging Loops.

No-Sew Hanging Loops

Sew-On Hanging Loops

Stikets Sew-On Hanging Loops are the alternative to No-Sew Hanging Loops for clothes that don’t come with a small locker loop. They, too, are the all-in-one solution for hanging and marking.

Thanks for reading! If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at help@stikets.co.uk

2 Ways To Remove Spit Up Stains From Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are extremely delicate and, at the same time, are very easy to get stained. Pee, poop, spit up, you name it. When it comes to baby clothing, non-stained clothes are hard to find.

Spit-up stains are hard to be removed, and they will quickly soak into baby clothes creating a yellow stain if not treated when fresh.

Bleaching baby clothes is not recommended so as not to irritate baby’s skin, so removing stains from onesies or bibs can be a real challenge.

There are two ways to effectively remove yellow stains from baby clothes:


  • Rinse in cool water
  • Soak for about 15 minutes in one part water and one part hydrogen peroxide.
  • If the stain is gone, wash as usual.
  • If the stain remains, scrub it with a cloth.


  • Locate the area with the yellow stain
  • Put a towel under the garment
  • Apply lemon juice on the stain
  • Once the yellow stain from your baby’s clothes is wet, add table salt on it until the stain is completely covered.
  • Let it sit overnight.

These methods work well most of the time.

How To Make A Cream Tart Number Cake

With stunning cream tarts going viral right now, we thought you’d enjoy this step-by-step recipe of the trendiest cake of the moment. Cream Tart, Number Cake, Alphabet Cake, call it whatever you want, with this recipe you’ll rock it!

Pate Sablee: 250g flour · 100g powdered sugar · 150g butter · 1 egg · 50g ground hazelnuts · A pinch of salt
Frosting: 500ml milk · 50g cornstarch · 100g sugar · Vanilla bean
Decoration: Strawberry jam · Fresh berries · Macarons · Flowers

We start off by getting the Pate Sablee ready:

In a large bowl, sift flour and mix with hazelnuts and salt. Make a hole in the middle and add softened butter and sugar.

Use your fingers to combine butter and sugar until a greasy mixture is formed.

Gently incorporate flour from the sides into the butter and sugar mixture until fully incorporated.

Make a hole in the middle and add the egg slightly beaten.

Mix everything fast until the texture is smooth and a ball is formed. Wrap with film and let it sit in the fridge for at least one hour.

Prepare the Frosting:

In a pot, combine cornstarch and with a bit of cold milk and remove all lumps. Then add the rest of the milk, the sugar and the vanilla bean.

Bring to simmer and whisk gently until the mixture thickens. Sift the mixture and pour into a baking dish, cover with film and let it cool down.

Get the Number Cake shape ready!

Using graph paper, draw the numbers you need for your cake, and then transfer the design onto a thicker cardboard. Cut the numbers.

Number Cake step-by-step recipe

Remove dough from the fridge and divide it in two. Roll each ball on a powdered surface until it’s about 5mm thick.

Place the cardboard numbers on top of the dough and, using a pointed knife, proceed to cut the dough in number shape. Each number needs to be cut twice. Repeat with the other ball of dough for the other number.

Preheat oven to 180C. Place the numbers on an oven tray with baking paper and bake for 12 minutes. Allow to cool completely.

Mix the cream mixture and put frosting in a piping bag with medium round tip (9-11mm).

Place the baked numbers on a serving platter and put some jam on top.

Pipe even dollops of frosting on top of the number Pate Sablee. Top with the other number and repeat.

Refrigerate until ready to serve, up to 24 hours before serving.

Decorate with fresh berries (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and preserved cherries are all quite nice!), flowers, chocolate or macarons. Enjoy!

Cream Tart Number Cake Recipe