New No-Sew Hanging Loops For Your Children’s Coats!

Hanging coats and jackets on pegs can be tricky, and some schools require an extra loop so that children are able to hang their coats hassle-free. Now Stikets offers you the all-in-one solution to labelling and hanging, no-sew! Find out how Stikets hanging loops work and how to apply them in 2 easy clicks in this video:

Personalise hanging loops

Stikets hanging loops will make it easy for your little ones to hang their coats and jackets by themselves, making it possible to hang more than one item in one peg. These hanging loops are extremely convenient, they come with a permanent closure that is attached in 2 simple clicks.

Thanks to their 2 lines of text, you can personalise your hanging loops with your child’s name and your mobile phone number, so that nothing gets lost! Choose among several background patterns and colours! Choose your favourite font for your text for a 100% personalisation.

Stikets hanging loops are made of highly resistant fabric, washing machine and drier proof. They are perfect to be used on coats that come with a small loop hole. If the coat doesn’t come with this, you can choose Stikets sew-on hanging loops. Hanging and labelling your coats has never been easier!