Easy Christmas table centerpieces

Time does fly and the year has almost come to an end. You’re probably already decorating for Christmas or you will be doing so in no time. With your home all set up for the festive season, there’s one thing to get ready for the ultimate wow-effect! With all the family gatherings coming up, your table will most certainly be one of the busiest areas on these dates, which is why we’ve rounded up a list of DIY Christmas centerpieces ready in less than ten minutes. While some Christmas centerpieces may be expensive, these DIY crafts are not only suitable for those on a budget, but are easy and fun to do, too!

Ready to step into the magic world of lovely Christmas centerpieces ready in less than 10 minutes? You’d be surprised how much a simple Christmas centerpiece can cosy up your home for Christmas.

Easy DIY Christmas centerpieces you’ll love

Let your guests feel special with these holiday centerpieces.

Christmas floral arrangements

One of the easiest holiday centerpieces you can make is a floral one. All you need is a transparent vase, or any other jar you think will match your holiday decor, a bit of water, and flowers of your choice. Add some assorted greens and you’re ready to go!

Source: Sugarandcharm.com

Quick and easy Mason Jar centerpiece

With some glue and some coarse salt, you’ll have your centerpiece ready in no time. Simply mix the glue with water and paint the jars with it. Then just roll them on some coarse salt for the ultimate festive look! You may add some assorted Christmas greens as in the picture below.

Decorate your glasses this Christmas

Use some old wine glasses to create your Christmas table centerpieces. Turn them upside down and fill them with Christmas ornaments. Add candles on top for the merriest look.

Creative Christmas decorating with fruit

These Christmas table setting is one to be remembered. With some winter fruit like pomegranate scattered along the table on top of some winter leaves, such as cedar, fir or pine, the table will be all set for your guests to feel special. Add some candles at your discretion.

Source: Julieblanner.con

Frame centerpiece

If you have an old picture frame sitting at home, a great way to bring it back to life is to use it as a Christmas centerpiece. By adding some hooks on one of the sides, you will be able to hang ornaments on it. Play with the lenght of the string so that your ornaments hang from different height.

A wooden box for a vintage style

Use a small, long, wooden box to fill it with assorted greens and Christmas ornaments. One of the easiest holiday centerpieces you’ll find!

Make your table smell like Christmas

Nothing shouts Christmas like the smell of cinnammon and the warmth of candles. The combination of the two will make for a cosy and unforgettable Christmas table centerpiece. Simply wrap some cinnammon sticks around white candles and place them on little saucers.

A table setting with Christmas figurines

If you’re looking for a Christmas table centerpiece kids will love, this is it. Combine their favourite Christmas figurines with some pinecones, winter greens and wooden logs on a round tray.

Now that you’ve gone through our suggestions, it’s time to choose your favorite Christmas centerpiece. Small details make a big difference. Merry Christmas!

Pictures from Pinterest.

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Personalised advent calendar

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Christmas stickers

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Christmas gift labels

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The importance of extra-curricular activities

Sometimes making your child interested in extracurricular activities can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Complementary activities help your little one grow in a holistic way.

After school classes will help your child stay active, practice their social skills and learn something new. And most importantly, it will improve your academic performance.

Choosing the right extracurricular activity for your child can be challenging, specially when they don’t show any particular preference. Sometimes we just take it too seriously, because we think of how this extracurricular will help boost our child’s talent, instead of seeing only as an enjoyment for your child.

The one most important thing to take into account when choosing an extracurricular activity, is choosing one in which your child feels comfortable. Remember it will be an activity he will attend after school, so it’s important that he feels at ease and enjoys that time, not only learning, but also sharing hours with new friends and teachers.

Some children have clear preferences and know exactly what they like. Children with clear interest in some sports like basketball or football, fall into this category. Others are passionate about music and are excited to start playing an instrument such as drums, guitar or piano. This makes it easier for parents to choose what activity their children will pursue, making it a safer bet as the child’s motivation comes from within.

One of the advantages of extracurricular activities is that it creates commitment in your little one. Extracurricular activities help focus on the interests of children and strengthen trust.

Structured time. Sociologically we all work better having a path to follow, with goals and objectives to achieve. This helps interacting with other people.

Extracurricular activities that will help develop your child’s skills

At school, your child acquires various social skills, such as knowing how to work in a group. But do you know what some of the extracurricular activities your child could do to improve their skills? Here we detail some:

Artistic activities. Classes where your child will develop their creativity, such as painting, dance …
Sport activitiesIn this type of complementary activities, your child will learn to be constant and patient, two very important values in our everyday life. To practice some sport activity develops and increases the educational commitment.
Formal activities. How could it be to learn a new language? It will help your child learn to communicate with other people, learn about other cultures and other customs.

Help them be more responsible

Extracurricular activities are also a good way to help your children grow up and learn to be responsible for their time and activities beyond the school setting. That is why it is very important that all your material for extracurriculars is correctly marked and organised.

At Stikets you have all kinds of personalised labels for each type of activity. The website is designed so that children can design their own labels so that they can then prepare and mark the material they will need. In this way, they will not confuse you with their classmates and they will be responsible for their things.

There’s a Stikets product for every need! Take a look at our different products:

Basic Pack: Ideal if you are looking for a versatile product to save and mark the school and extracurricular material. With the Basic Pack you have a total of 142 customizable labels for clothes and objects. Never lose a thing again!

Basic Pack

Clothing labels: Essential to differentiate equipment or uniforms. The thermo-adhesive labels are perfect to keep track of your clothes. They are applied to the garment with the heat contact of the iron in less than 30 seconds.

Iron-on labels

Hanging Loops: Perfect for differentiating and hanging jackets from uniforms or uniforms. In Stikets we have personalized tapes with closure and sewing tapes. Whatever your choice, ribbons are the ideal solution to hang your winter clothes on any hanger.

Hanging Loops

Shoe labels: For sports activities. In order for your child’s shoes to return home, do not forget to mark it. Shoe tags are placed on the inside of the shoe by pressing firmly. Do not worry about sweat or rubbing because shoe labels can stand that and much more. In addition, we have new semicircular designs that form very cool drawings, like the one you can see in the image.

Shoe labels

Stickers for objects: they come in different sizes. Ideal for stationery but also sports gear, including swimming accessories as they are waterproof. The adhesive labels are multi-purpose stickers that allow you to have everything organised. They are made of a high strength vinyl material that is dishwasher and microwave resistant.


And so far today’s post, we hope you liked as much as us getting to discover the importance of extracurricular activities and the importance of labeling everything.