Get ahead of Black Friday and grab the best deals!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and Black Friday deals are the best way to get ready for all those Christmas gifts! We’ve rounded up a list of the best Stikets products to gift. Go ahead with Christmas shopping this Black Friday and enjoy 20% off sitewide with code FRIDAY20.

Stikets’ Black Friday deals not to be missed:

Get advantage of the Black Days to get your Christmas gifts ready. Label everything so that nothing gets lost!

Design your Twinie®

Iron-on labels

Introducing our new product: Stikets’ Twinies®. Create your little ones’ mini me, choosing from several hair, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose and accessories options. A 100% personalised product and the ultimate solution to label the clothes and objects of your child. You can also personalise a friend to gift as a surprise this Christmas.
Forget about dull black and white name labels. Personalise your labels not only with your child’s first and last name, but also with their own avatar. What do you think about having your own mini you on your clothes?

Hang your coats hassle-free

Hanging Loops

Black Friday is the best opportunity to get the best discounts out there, so grab this chance to buy your hanging loops, an essential to hang bulky clothes like coats and jackets on pegs. Hang and label your coats two-in-one!

Stikets hanging loops are available in no-sew or sew-on options! No-sew hanging loops are ready in just 2 clicks! Choose the one that suits you best.

Don’t lose your luggage in the upcoming Bank Holidays

Family Travel Pack

Are you travelling on Christmas? Avoid losing your suitcase with Stikets’ Family Travel Pack. This pack includes round and rectangular bag labels that are easily applied to your backpack or suitcase.
It also contains large and small luggage tags., which come with Stikets’ SOS service. This new way to identify your suitcase has a QR code that facilitates the location of your luggage. If your luggage happens to go missing, the person or flight company that finds your suitcase will contact Stikets, and the company will act as an intermediary, arranging a courier to pick up your luggage and send it back to you.
Losing your luggage is no longer an option. Use code FRIDAY20 and label all your bags properly. You can also buy the products included in this pack separately, such as the bag tags.

This Black Friday decorate your Christmas with Stikets

Paying attention to details is key! At Stikets you will find the nicest little details to label your gifts and decorate your home for the merriest look!

I want a personalised advent calendar

At Stikets you will find several advent calendars: a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, a magic train, or our newest creation: our personalised ornaments advent calendar. Count down to Christmas in this fun and educational way, simply stick the calendars on the wall or the window!

Personalised advent calendar

Christmas decor details for your home or to gift

Save on the decoration of your home with code FRIDAY20 and get Stikets’ Christmas stickers at a bargain! Perfect to decorate the kids room or their playroom by sticking them on the wall or the windows.

Christmas stickers

You can also decorate your windows with Stikets’ cosy winter window decals. These stickers are made of a translucent vinyl, so that both the people who see your window and you can see the Christmas decals.
If you want to personalise your Christmas gifts, Stikets’ personalised round Christmas stickers are exactly what you need. You can personalise them with a name or a message and choose the pattern you prefer.

Christmas gift labels

Personalise your walls with Stikets’ photo stickers

This Black Friday buy or gift the most special memories. Give your home some warmth with photo stickers from your latest family photoshoot, or remember the fun of summer holidays.

Photo stickers

Stikets photo stickers will allow you to stick them and reposition them on flat surfaces without the need to drill on the wall. It’s the best solution for a mess-free decor. Use them on your fridge or laptop as well!

Hurry and get your favourite Stikets products at the best price now!


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