How to ease your child’s transition to nursery

Is your child starting nursery soon? Transitioning to nursery can be complicated for children who have stayed home with mum or dad up until then. Keep reading to find out how to help your child cope with separation anxiety.

1. Visit the nursery with your child before nursery actually starts

Paying a visit to the nursery grounds with your little one and spending some time getting familiar with the classroom and the playground will help your child feel more at ease on his first day. He will remember he spent some time with mum getting familiar with his new space.

When you walk together, point out the nurseries and schools you come across. You will be surprised how interested your child will be in all those kids playing in the playground together. He will probably ask you to take him inside!

These kind of moments are recorded in the subconscious of the baby, who wants to be part of all the fun that is before your eyes. It is a good time to explain that when he is a little older he will also have friends at the daycare center and they will play all day long. You can read some stories to go to the nursery, which will allow you to identify with the characters and their feelings.

Step 2. The first day at nursery.

A key day to do well and know how to help a child adapt to nursery is the time to say goodbye. When you leave and walk out the door, say goodbye with a smile. Don’t just leave when your child isn’t looking. Say goodbye and remind your little one you’ll soon be back to pick him up. Smile, give him a kiss and go. Farewells are less complicated for both parties if they are short.

Step 3. The first week.

This first week at nursery calls for positive reinforcement. Emphasise all those new and exciting things your little one has done. Speak with the caregivers to know the songs your child has been listening to, and the activities in which they have participated. You can repeat them at home. Your little one will be very proud to show you his progress and that will make him confident and eager to learn more.

Step 4. Stepping into nursery routine.

Now that you’ve mastered the transition period, it’s time to establish a routine for the weeks to come. The adaptation process is far from over. Good habits take time, and you should be consistent so these new routines come naturally to both of you. Try having a clear routine in the evenings, such as bath time, dinner and going to bed, always at the same time. Morning routine is yet the most important one. Make sure your little one knows where he’s headed, and wake him up early enough so mornings are stress-free and with plenty of time to get ready and have a good breakfast. You’ve got this!

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