How To Label Everything For School Residential Trips

Is your child about to go on a residential trip and you don’t even know where to get started?


Organisation is key! Go through the required equipment list your school will almost certainly have issued and read it carefully. Think if there’s something extra your child might need and write it down. Once you have identified everything you’ll need to pack… make sure to label it all!

It’s amazing the amount of clothes, shoes and accessories that end up in the lost property box during residential trips and never make it back home. In the chaos and fun, children tend to mislay things and they end up where they shouldn’t more often than not. Don’t risk losing your child’s belongings and label each item with the appropriate label.

Here’s a little list for you to know how to label everything for school residential trips!

Iron-on labels: The best solution for permanently labelling all of your child’s clothes. Stikets iron-on labels are extra resistant, they are washer and drier safe and will last forever.

Iron On Clothing Labels

Stick-on labels for clothes: This is the fastest and most convenient way to label your children’s clothes. Stikets stick-on labels must be applied on the clothing care tags, and they last for several washes. They are the best solution for clothes that don’t need to labelled permanently.

Stick-On Clothing Labels

Shoe labels: Label your child’s shoes in an easy way with Stikets shoe labels, by simply sticking them on the shoe’s inner sole.

Check out our “Which Clothing Label is Best For Me?” guide for a detailed explanation of our clothing labels.

Another fantastic option to label clothes is using a Stikets name stamp. It doesn’t get more convenient than this! The ink lasts for up to 60 washes. And get this, you can stamp on paper as well!

Name stickers for objects: Our custom sticky labels come in different sizes and shapes, so you can label absolutely anything. Our Mini Name Stickers (30x7mm) are the best option for stationery and other really small items. For slightly bigger objects, you may choose Stikets Small Name Stickers (50x7mm) or our Medium Name Stickers (50x20mm). Large name stickers come in round or square shape, with the option of being 100% personalised with a picture.

Residential Trip Packing

Our sticky name labels are dishwasher and microwave resistant, meaning they will basically withstand anything. Use them to label sleeping bags, torches, daysacks, refillable water bottles and toiletries!

Rucksacks and bags need to be properly labelled as well, make sure all your luggage is properly identified with Stikets luggage labels and bag tags.

Putting an ID bracelet on your child is also a good idea. Personalise it with your contact details so you can be reached in case your child gets lost. Stikets ID bracelets for kids are made of fabric and are extremely resistant.

ID Bracelets for Kids

Above all, keeping calm is a must. Children pick up on their parents’ anxiety very quickly, and you don’t want them to mirror that! Stay organised and everything will turn out just fine.

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